Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sister, Sister

I took these of Skylar and Kenzy almost two years ago. This was the second photoshoot I did, outside of my family. Skylar was 5 and Kenzy was 3 back then. Sky was in my kindergarten class. I was taking a photography class and our assignment for the week was individual and family portraits. Since my grandchildren were out of town, I would need to "borrow" somebody's children. That morning when Skylar's mom dropped her off for school, she looked at some pictures I'd taken of my grandsons and asked me if I would take some of her girls. Perfect! My photography class teacher was impressed when I showed her these. I hope you are, too.

After the portrait part of the session, Mom and the girls changed into their jeans and had a little family fun. I love this part. =)


  1. I like the last one and the profile shot with the blurred background. Nice

  2. Your images are all very nice. I have been meaning to post...but busy, say so. There seems to been photographers who are darn good like you popping up everywhere that make people like me just wanna quit. I mean that in a complimentary way. Sometimes...okay a lot of the time especially since Natalie has been born...I just want it to be a hobby again and do my own image and have a "regular" job again and a "regular" paycheck. I guess I will hang on a little least until Cari is out of school. It should get easier then. Even if that regular job fell into my lap, I probably wouldn't take it because I would miss photographing babies and I don't think I will be getting as many GRAND babies as you since I only have two children.

    Anyhow...sorry I got so long-winded. Great Job on the photography work!