Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rebecca- 8 years & Lauren- 4 1/2 years

These are some of Debbie's girls from last week while they were visiting from Arkansas. Their mom wanted me to try to get some good shots of them. With 5 and 6 of the grands here all week, the last day I had them was the only chance I got to take some. Besides, it rained/stormed every day they were here! The heat and humidity was also extremely high. That last Friday evening a friend, Mrs. Betty, let me take them swimming in her pool. I put their clothes on over their bathing suits and snapped these on Mrs. Betty's porch before they dove in. I think they're cute for a last minute session.


Rebecca (Becca)

It looks like they're sharing secrets!

My fave!

They are really cooperative when it comes to posing! Sweet girls! I enjoyed my week with them and wish we could see them more often! Five hours away is too far.