Friday, June 25, 2010

Ainslee--- 3 Weeks

About time I updated this blog. I started teaching at a new school last August. Not only was I too busy to update--- I was also too busy to take any pictures. So here are the first professional pictures I have taken in a year! I hate that, because I really love doing these.
Anyway, here's Ainslee. We didn't do very many different poses and no costume changes. Ainslee's clavicle was broken during delivery and her mom was really careful not to put pressure on it or aggravate it. In spite of all of that, her pictures are still adorable. :)

I love baby yawns.

I love the tongue sticking out. ha

And who doesn't love baby toes, especially if they're painted red. ;)

She finally fell asleep.

Love the way newborns sleep froggy style.

Ainslee is so pretty--- just like her siblings. Their pictures are HERE and HERE. Their parents make the most beautiful babies. :)