Friday, June 5, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Welcome to my new blog. After I posted some of my pictures on my family blog, someone suggested I create a separate blog for my photography hobby, which is turning into a part time job. In April, I promised I would do one in few weeks. With the school year ending, a few weeks turned into eight weeks. Oh well, better late than never, right?

I've always been fascinated with photography, but I originally bought my SLR camera just to take pictures of our daughters, grandchildren, friends, and extended family. I took a photography class at the local college just to learn about operating a digital camera and tips to improve the quality of my pictures. The more I showed my pictures to others, the more I would get asked if I would make myself available to take their child's portraits. I'll admit the idea made me nervous. Everyone knows that when you get paid for a hobby, things can change. I LOVE photography, but was afraid if it became a "job" my passion for it would decrease. I was also reluctant to take something personal to me, share it, and open myself up to criticism. I chose to step out and try it anyway. At first, I just took pictures for family and close friends. In the last year, I've done some for other people. They seemed pleased and I continue to get more comfortable behind the lens. Not that I don't get nervous or that I don't get frustrated when I don't get "the" image that I want, I do. But it hasn't changed the fact that I LOVE it. I love chasing that illusive "perfect shot."
There are a lot of highly talented professional photographers in this area and they provide a variety of services. I believe every parent desires to have quality pictures of their child, but not everyone can afford a professional photographer. That's why I feel lead to treat this endeavor as a ministry of sorts. There are some single parents, unemployed parents, paycheck to paycheck parents, and some parents that are just frugal. That's the void I hope to fill.
I charge a reasonable flat rate for taking and editing the pictures and then burn them onto a CD. That way the parents don't have to choose just one to four poses. They will own all the pictures and can download them, share them, e-mail them, use them on their blogs, and develop them wherever and whenever they want. That way customers never have to buy reprints from me, either.
I'm willing to cover occasions that professionals don't/can't cover. This could include birthday parties, family reunions, anniversary celebrations, etc. Just use your imagination.
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