Friday, June 12, 2009

Kaitlyn 4 Months

I'd only had my camera a couple of weeks when I went to see my cousin's first grandbaby, so don't expect these to look real professional. They're still some of my favorites, anyway. Some of her expressions were so cute, I decided to post a few. (If you're noticing her "v" on her forehead, I didn't have Photoshop then, but wouldn't have erased her stork bite, anyway.)

Is it just me, or does everybody love chubby cheeked babies?

This is what happened when her Poppa came through the door. Isn't that precious? I love it!

I'm crazy about pensive, serious expressions! There's something so "old soul" about this next one!
There's a sweet story about the blanket behind her. Kaitlyn was going to be my Nan's first great-great grandchild. For years Nannie had made sweet, pretty blankets for the great-grandchildren (including Kaitlyn's mommy) and wanted Kaitlyn to have one, too. Since Nan was now legally blind, she asked my mom to make it for her and told her exactly what she wanted it to look like (the color, type of lace, etc.). This project began a few months before the baby was due and my mom couldn't get it made fast enough to suit Nannie. When Mom finished it, Nannie then instructed her to add 3 tiny pink roses to one corner. Then she told Momma to tell my cousin and her daughter that the roses stood for "I-love-you." One month before Kaitlyn was born, my Nan died in her sleep. We wonder if she sensed she wouldn't be here in person to welcome this little one.

I love this one because I'm a sucker for all things generational. Kaitlyn's grandma (my cousin) is on the left and her great-grandma (my aunt) is on the right. What a sweet sandwich!

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  1. Sweet Photos! I love this.... especially the black and white.
    Look foward to seeing more. Keep in touch!