Saturday, June 6, 2009

Senior 2008 Portraits

I decided to start my new blog with some of my first "real" sessions.

My very first Senior portrait session was not the average session. You may notice that Collin is in a tuxedo in every shot. His mom, my cousin Ellena, wanted me to take senior pics of Collin, but they live over five hours from me. She had already asked me to take her daughter's (aka Collin's sister) wedding pictures and I didn't have time to make the trip twice... so, we killed two birds with one stone (and one tuxedo, lol). While the bride was getting ready, Collin and I stepped outside of the church and snapped a few pictures his Mom could use for his invitations. Totally impromptu not withstanding, I still think these turned out well. Collin is as sweet as he is handsome.

Roger's mom was the first outside of my family to ask me to take portraits. And the first one to pay me to do so. Yay! ;) Roger was really cooperative, even though he had a fever. You can tell he felt badly if you look closely at his eyes. Even so, he still looked nice in his tux.

This next one was Roger's favorite, according to his mom.

His only request was to get one of him and his truck. The reason for that request touched my heart. His grandfather had recently passed away and left Roger that truck. You gotta love kids that love their grandparents!

Toni was my second paying gig. This young lady came into my life as one of my youngest daughter's best friends. Months later, we found out that she and Shelbi are distant cousins. I should have known-- my husband's family is famous for those adorable dimples! Toni's great-grandfather and Shelbi's great-grandmother were brother and sister. How cool is that?! Further proof of how small our community is.
The first picture is Toni's favorite. It's the one that was published in the newspaper by her coworkers. I couldn't pick one favorite. Toni was really sweet, playful, and totally easy to work with. =)

After all of the usual posing, we headed to the park for a little fun. That's the best part-- watching them have fun with it!

Toni just had her first baby, Brayden Layne, three months ago. He's the one named after Shelbi. I hope to take some of him soon and post those. =)

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