Monday, June 8, 2009

My Sweet Smiling Leon 3 months

All of Leon's pictures end up being taken during really rushed mini-session here and there. He lives 3 hours away from me (Mimi). =(
I kept him Memorial Day weekend, but he slept for hours on end. When he was awake I was busy with feeding, changing, and bathing him so I never got around to getting any quality pictures.
Anyway, we went to Sarah's on the 2nd and I snapped these on the floor. He was in the sweetest mood, as you can tell! I really don't want his babyhood to fly by any faster than it already is, but part of me can't wait till he's big enough to sit up and get some outside shots. =)

I had to include at least one in color. Check out his pretty eyes!

This was just for Shelbi. She brought him this shirt in Florida and wanted a picture in it. She's the one that got him really laughing. He is soooo ticklish! Aren't big, wide-mouthed, gummy grins the cutest thing you could ever see?!


  1. awww, my little nephew is the cutest in the world!!! my little yoda baby =)

  2. Brayden Tucker's MommyJune 15, 2009 at 9:56 PM

    He's so cute! I know he is such a little blessing!

  3. he and Delilah could be twins! I showed Michael and he was amazed at how much they looked alike and then I said 'AND HIS NAME IS LEON!' too funny.

    beautiful pictures and baby. :D