Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hayley~ Senior 2011

 I haven't updated this blog in forever. I just can't resist adding some of my niece's senior pictures that I took in March. This child is so cooperative~ because she loves attention and getting her pictures made. It was really fun to do these. The first thing she said when we finished was, "Did I make the blog?"  LOL  :)
My niece, Hayley, at one of the local antebellum homes 

at Memorial Park.  I love the fountain there!

Just for fun!  :)

Soon I'll be adding some I just took of a friend's daughter~ also a Senior and a pretty girl, too.  :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ainslee--- 3 Weeks

About time I updated this blog. I started teaching at a new school last August. Not only was I too busy to update--- I was also too busy to take any pictures. So here are the first professional pictures I have taken in a year! I hate that, because I really love doing these.
Anyway, here's Ainslee. We didn't do very many different poses and no costume changes. Ainslee's clavicle was broken during delivery and her mom was really careful not to put pressure on it or aggravate it. In spite of all of that, her pictures are still adorable. :)

I love baby yawns.

I love the tongue sticking out. ha

And who doesn't love baby toes, especially if they're painted red. ;)

She finally fell asleep.

Love the way newborns sleep froggy style.

Ainslee is so pretty--- just like her siblings. Their pictures are HERE and HERE. Their parents make the most beautiful babies. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rebecca- 8 years & Lauren- 4 1/2 years

These are some of Debbie's girls from last week while they were visiting from Arkansas. Their mom wanted me to try to get some good shots of them. With 5 and 6 of the grands here all week, the last day I had them was the only chance I got to take some. Besides, it rained/stormed every day they were here! The heat and humidity was also extremely high. That last Friday evening a friend, Mrs. Betty, let me take them swimming in her pool. I put their clothes on over their bathing suits and snapped these on Mrs. Betty's porch before they dove in. I think they're cute for a last minute session.


Rebecca (Becca)

It looks like they're sharing secrets!

My fave!

They are really cooperative when it comes to posing! Sweet girls! I enjoyed my week with them and wish we could see them more often! Five hours away is too far.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jayla- 2 months

I took Jayla's portraits Saturday. She was so sweet and happy. The first picture was one of my favorites. Isn't she a doll?!

Don't you just want to pinch (ok, kiss) those cheeks???

You gotta love dimples! The eyelashes are to die for, too!

And this post would not be complete without pictures of a sleeping angel.

Then we got a few with her mommy and daddy.

Jayla is such a sweet baby and just as happy as these pictures portray. =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kaitlyn 4 Months

I'd only had my camera a couple of weeks when I went to see my cousin's first grandbaby, so don't expect these to look real professional. They're still some of my favorites, anyway. Some of her expressions were so cute, I decided to post a few. (If you're noticing her "v" on her forehead, I didn't have Photoshop then, but wouldn't have erased her stork bite, anyway.)

Is it just me, or does everybody love chubby cheeked babies?

This is what happened when her Poppa came through the door. Isn't that precious? I love it!

I'm crazy about pensive, serious expressions! There's something so "old soul" about this next one!
There's a sweet story about the blanket behind her. Kaitlyn was going to be my Nan's first great-great grandchild. For years Nannie had made sweet, pretty blankets for the great-grandchildren (including Kaitlyn's mommy) and wanted Kaitlyn to have one, too. Since Nan was now legally blind, she asked my mom to make it for her and told her exactly what she wanted it to look like (the color, type of lace, etc.). This project began a few months before the baby was due and my mom couldn't get it made fast enough to suit Nannie. When Mom finished it, Nannie then instructed her to add 3 tiny pink roses to one corner. Then she told Momma to tell my cousin and her daughter that the roses stood for "I-love-you." One month before Kaitlyn was born, my Nan died in her sleep. We wonder if she sensed she wouldn't be here in person to welcome this little one.

I love this one because I'm a sucker for all things generational. Kaitlyn's grandma (my cousin) is on the left and her great-grandma (my aunt) is on the right. What a sweet sandwich!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sister, Sister

I took these of Skylar and Kenzy almost two years ago. This was the second photoshoot I did, outside of my family. Skylar was 5 and Kenzy was 3 back then. Sky was in my kindergarten class. I was taking a photography class and our assignment for the week was individual and family portraits. Since my grandchildren were out of town, I would need to "borrow" somebody's children. That morning when Skylar's mom dropped her off for school, she looked at some pictures I'd taken of my grandsons and asked me if I would take some of her girls. Perfect! My photography class teacher was impressed when I showed her these. I hope you are, too.

After the portrait part of the session, Mom and the girls changed into their jeans and had a little family fun. I love this part. =)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brayden Layne 3 months

Brayden's mom, Toni, asked Shelbi to babysit Sunday afternoon. Since Toni's been wanting me to take his pictures, I took these quickly and surprised her when she picked him up. Toni was one of the Seniors I photographed last year.

He won't sleep on his stomach, so we just threw the bow on top of him anyway. He's three months old, but is still wearing newborn clothes. So tiny!

Brayden has some of the most perfect features and skin. I didn't have to touch up anything.

His mommy loved the one with the paci in. I was just checking the lighting when I took this one. He was so sleepy and fighting it big time.